Best replacement pads for magic yoyo.

Does anyway know some good replacement pads for magic yoyos? The silicone pads in mine (N9 and soon a T5) are so hard that it slips when thrown.

Maybe some snow tires or somethin?

Dont think they fit, I think you have to do it yourself. Really hope the new purple line has better pads :-\

Seen those, i love purple yoyos, so hopefully they’ll have better pads. All the other magicyoyos pads look kind of similar to some replacement pads, so im thinking that one of them has to fit.

Flowable sili is the best option on myy

yyf broad pads i think that what I use form my ult. soldier from qu ixia

Flowable silicone or Red/ or blue Gasket masked.

I just filled mine with monkey snot last night after seein gthis, binds like a champ :wink:

Fixes my only complaint about magic yoyo

MYY take YYR sized pads, as far as I know.