MYY N12 Response

Im looking to replace the response on my magicyoyo n12 with something less slippy…and i DO NOT want to silicone it…any suggestions on what pads will fit and which one wont?

It seems that the magicyoyo n12s response pads are a little bigger in diameter than standard pads (if there’s some other 20mm pads, I don’t know of them.) The OD of the stock pads is 20mm instead of 19mm. I don’t know how a 19mm pad would work for you. It may have a tendency to come out easy with the 0.5mm gap all around.

Why not order the stock pads? Are they immediately “slippy”?

Or a better question, why not flowable silicon? You can’t beat it… And it’s easier to install than you would think.

I’ve successfully replaced my n12 pads with yoyofactory ones for the dv888 (19 mm). after a couple of throws the pad stretched and filled that 0.5mm gap and because of this also a sort of recession happened. you could give it a shot