Signature Yoyo

So what is your signature yoyo? What is the yoyo that fits your style and you just enjoy playing with?

I have always been looking but recently I think I might have found it: SPYY Radian MKIII.

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The OD Dietz.

It fits my style of play very well, but its not like i have tried every yoyo on earth, so it may change in the near future.

Mine would be a CLYW Avalanche.

Solid black.


I think it’d be funny if someone with an actual sig posted here :stuck_out_tongue:



I love ALL the yoyos! =D But if I had to pick one, I’d go with the Turning Point Solenoid.


Probably the Gnarwhal. Right in between undersized and full sized, nice shape, and a good weight for me.

Phenomizm, it works super well for me! I just wish I could afford the phenom, that would be amazing! ::slight_smile:

exactly what i would say -_- ya beat me to it!

The Speeder 2 or Sleipnir. Both suit me perfectly.

I like V-shapes. Those work best for me. Phenom would be good but I like softer rims. The Equalateral is great too. The Anglam and Freq. Wave are really making me very pleased. I even prefer the Freq. Wave over the Positron I just got.



As of now, it would have to be a the Werrd Hour, purple with silver splash.

Cascade. It’s so perfect.

Chaser or Cerberus. Only two I play anymore.

Code 2. I would want turquoise with a black splash and a copper splash. Black spike side effects.

Cool Ghoul Sasquatch.