Dream yoyo


Mine is the Hyperion from oxy what’s yours???


My signature yoyo ::slight_smile: It doesn’t exist yet BUT IT WILL :smiley:

Outside of that Id say YYR Jealousy ;D


One Drop Valor

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YYR overdrive or another nomad. And my sig. Yoyo


The Overdrive is an awesome yoyo man, probably my favorite right now.

Anglam and Draupnir are the only 2 Ive played that I think are noticeably better, but I don’t have either.


My dream yoyo would be a 44.5-45.5 mm width and 60 mm diameter horizon that’s maybe a gram or two heavier but still has the spin time while feels a bit light. Basically something that combines the YYF Horizon with the specs of the YYO Jaeger and feels something like a Jaeger or a Classic

Also, having the most grind friendly blast ever.


I really want a OD project. Oh where can I find one :frowning:


They pop up on the BST pretty frequently


Trinity with Side Effects would make be my dream.


Basically a bonfire. That’s pretty much it. I always dream about getting one ;D


CZM8 in the green :slight_smile: :o

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Yoyofficer Nifty. I was part of team designing it, so I get chance to push through some of my preferences. It’s pretty close to my idea for my signature model.


An Oxy IV (wish I’d never sold mine) or a mint first run 888.


The End it combines my first metal yoyo with design aspects from one of the coolest yoyoers.


I take it that you probably have one lol Mind posting some pics of this glorious yoyo if you do? Haven’t seen one for a while.


A Speeder2 with rounded rims, standard gap width, and catch zone dips like:
In case you dont already know, these allows an organic shape to essentially play like a V shape by reducing friction and greatly enhancing horizontal stability.


Anti-yo Viszilla with a slight modification. Instead of the stock Anti-yo side effects, I’d like to see a pair of side effects that sits flush like ultralights, but has a flat face instead of the hole like the ultralights, and for that face to be engraved with the Anti-yo heart logo.

Or since Anti-yo is essentially done, and Viszillas are tough to come by… I’d love for OD to produce its own version. Same specs and shape, but with OD’s choice of finish and ultralight side effects stock. I’d buy that without thinking twice.

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