signature move please help!!!!!!

guys i am a pretty advanced to expert player i can do tricks like spirit bomb, skin the gerbil, eli hops, and many more i just want to have a signature move that suits me i am a 14 year old with a meteor and i want move tha will blow peoples minds.

You just got to try things you never tried before you got to take yoyoing where you’ve never taken it.

your signutare trick should be YOUR SIGNATURE TRICK! it’s called a signature trick for a reson! whatever your favorite sort of style is (grinding, hops, repeating, slack, etc.) put it into it. my favorite styles are rolls, hops, cross-arms, and slack, so i put it into mine.i would put a video of mine up but i have no camera. but mine just uses all of my favorite styles in one trick and i do something that pops (cross-arms help). hope i helped ;D

Then im gonna need a lot of oxygen tanks, and andre would have to post videos of how to throw at the bottom of the ocean. :wink:

Your looking at this the wrong way. You make tricks, then if your lucky, there is a good one that people identify you with that tend to call your signiture trick. Anything else is really just a trick with a special title.

Signature is done by yourself only, you invent the whole trick. And you ask us for details.

How to make a siggy trick? There really is no way, it’s how you make a trick that makes it so special to you.

yeah I hope you got the message ^^^ haha signature trick = your own

just a small tip - I can play around and find my own moves off the 1.5 mount

My signature trick is out of a double or nothing. I love doing double or nothing with the first part of Yukki Slack. There are so many different things to do out of it, I have done Kwijibo variations, mini Buddah’s Revenge, and some epic dismounts.

You aren’t ready to be awesome yet.

Try harder, or don’t.

By the way, try 2A.



Walk the dog. :stuck_out_tongue:

yep, a signature should come to you naturally, eventually evolve with time.

it’ll come to you for various reasons, not specially something to “blow people’s mind”, look at mark montgomery, it’s “rock the baby”, it’s highly personal and you shouldn’t be asking others to tell you who you are. it’s something you will figure out on your own, these things can’t and shouldn’t be forced.

good luck and remember, it’s all about having fun.