New move mabey??

So I think that I have stumbled accross a move that is pretty kool to pull off. So here is a description of what I am doing then check out the vidieo.

Firstly get ino a one and a half mount, then do buddah’s revenge but stop at the second part where the yoyo is between your hands and spinning on the middle string, then go double on then pop the yoyo up into the top string while crossing your hands over, then like in kwijibo pop back into a double or nothing.

here is a vid so that the description makes some sence.

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So the part we are focusing on here is the double on and pop, I am just trying to figure out if it has been already found and put out there or am I the first to post about it.

PS. sorry bout the dodgy vid. One day I will buy an actual vidieo camera.

cool trick! I dont know if that has been discovered, but I agree it is a nice addition to any combo with lots of pops and hand crosses.

I quite like this little trick! It’s very interesting that you can hop it from the double-on mount thing and then immediately hop again to a double or nothing, unlike in Kwyjibo where you have to swing the yoyo around first.

Cool. Now try to do it fast. :wink:

(I probably couldn’t. I couldn’t go fast to save my life. :P)

Buddha’s Revenge -> 2or0->Kwijibo…?

Thats a combo I think…

Actually, there’s no double or nothing until the very end. The thing that somewhat looks like it in the video is just sort of a plucked trapeze that’s on twice (it’s hard to explain… but look at the vid carefully, it’s definitely not a 2or0)

I do belive that is a new one. Good job.

I have figured out a name for this, I am going to call it the double buddah pop

very nice! good name man. also i was watching a video on yoyoskills called joziflow under tuts by xela. there are alot of good moves down from 1 1/2 mount in the trick, lots of stuff very similar to buddhas revenge just more wraps at certain times. ive been using parts of that trick when doing ur buddha pop, i recommend checking it out.