OK, this is a post where anybody posts a video on how to do tricks that you, yourself, made up. So, if you have a tutorial, post it, so that you can share the trick with other people! There’s no limit, so post all of your made up tricks! This will help yoyoers that want to learn above and beyond the tricks you find on sites every day. Post Away! :wink:

C’mon, I know you have them!

Tricks that would make this one easier:
Buddha’s Revenge
McBride’s Roller Coaster
The Matrix

Mine doesn’t have a name but basically, what you do is…:

Land a 1.5 mount and swing the yo-yo over your freehand as in Buddha’s Revenge. From there you have a triangle, no? Yes, now from there, just move the yo-yo to the string your freehand pointer finger is in. You should be able to drop your throw-hand string and be in a Trapeze. That’s not a part of the trick, but that should be a reference to where you should be. Now you swing the yo-yo twice around both of your hands and land it in a Triple-or-nothing as in McBride’s Roller Coaster. Dismount in to a Trapeze and in one movement swing it over your throw-hand like in The Matrix and land it in a Double-or-Nothing. Dismount. End. Help me name it. ;D

Tom’s Revenge :stuck_out_tongue:

???don’t cry over spilt milk ???

Sir Yoyo’s Rebellion ;D