Quirks and Signatures!

Hey Guys! So I’ve noticed that players have recently developed some little signature things that add a bit of uniqueness to their names. For example: Mickey always salutes after a freestyle. Ben Conde points up to represent “Go Big” and Augie always looks at the crowd, and ignore the yo-yo when he does this one combo. So, I’d like to ask are there any little small things that you notice players always do. Let’s get more detailed, are there any little funny quirks that you always find yourself doing to add more personality and character to your freestyles? Just something that gives you a signature?

I’ve noticed Marcus Koh will get into a mount and give a short nod before launching into a crazy flashy combo.


I seem to always (in front of people) instantly after returning the yoyo, I bend my knees a bit, kinda hold my gaze at where they yoyo was before I did the bind, look back and smile.
Just something I do on reaction.


My signature is to do OK in prelims. And then completely bomb finals haha. I’ve been to 2 contests and this has happened. We’ll see if I can keep it up at TN states :smiley:

LOL! If I could offer my perspective I’m thinking you’ll want to work on developing a new signature in the future.

I would tend to agree it’s unique and all but you might not want that to be your signature for life :stuck_out_tongue:

For myself I find I regularly after I do the final bind hold my arms exactly how they were for a few seconds… Haven’t noticed much from the pros though…

Yes! I love how he does that, it’s like a little “Get ready for epicness” kind of signal!

Little Takeshi Matsuura always points one finger out to the crowd after an epic combo

I have a habit of panicking if the yoyo stops spinning, forgetting to do a snap start, and just winding up the yoyo as fast as I can.

I’m sorry, but when I put the image of me doing that in my head, I laughed to the point of tears xD


going by your avatar, this looked really creepy in my head, with you turning your head slowly to face the crowd. :o

You should see my Jr. 1a at MWRs…I wound up that yoyo with serious speed! XD

Rei Iwakura does this waving motion as if he’s saying ‘voila!’ before throwing the yoyo.
Markmont [Mark Montgomery] has a way of catching the yoyo after a bind.
Tatsuya Fujisaka has that one quirk on how he catches his yoyo in horizontal.

As for me, I still have yet to find my own style so I’m developing that :]

I don’t know if it’s really a signature, but I watch a lot of Guy Wright videos and during most of his freestyles he will start singing with the song.

You can tell I’m doing the trick because of how horrendous it looks! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought we’re talking about quirks about one’s yoyoing play. And not quirks and signatures of how people post their stuff here on message boards.

To add to the actual topic, Zammy has own way of catching a yoyo too.


Zammy has his own way of just being all around awesome.

Cappy sometimes does this cool flick throw.

Sebby extending his arm/finger beforehand is the one that comes to mind

For 1A I will look to the side while doing a combo I am decent at. For 4A,I like to do a dolphin wave motion withmy throw hand after doing a successful combo or trick . My friend pointed it out that I did that…never noticed it until I watched the recording he took of me while throwing at school.

Gentry Stein seems to do that too.