Anyone else or just me?

Okay, so a lot of times when I’m yoyoing infront of my friends or other yoyoers, they tell me I move a lot while I’m doing it. Does anyone else do this or am I just really weird lol?

That depends on what u mean by move around. Because when i yoyo and im like in the zone i sometimes take a step foward or something of that sort. But my friend usually stays in place but moves his arm in one big motion for every trick he does.

I normally just stay still, but sometimes I walk around a bit. Everybody does it differently. I know some yoyo players who sway when they yoyo, so it is not out of the ordinary.

Haha, I was a PNWR when this kid was put on the spot for being one of the throwers that kick their foot back as they do a trick.

If you watch Zach Gormley he moves A ton when he is competing.