What's unusual about your yoyoing?


I put the slip knot on the base of my middle finger.


I use a “messed up” (to other people) knot. Makes letting people try my yoyos a bit of a chore: “Here’s how you use the slipknot…”


Yeah I remember you teaching me at NER.

(rizkiyoist) #4

I started yoyoing after watching Shinji Saito 2A 2006 video, but haven’t started 2A until like three years later.


I don’t actually yo-yo.

(2Sick Joey) #6

There are two things that I was told that I do that I never noticed. I’m also a lefty which in itself is weird! I always have a hard time watching a lefty yoyo…it just looks weird haha.

  1. Whenever I throw a breakaway I almost always do at least one pinwheel.

  2. I do what I have dubbed the yoyo stance. Basically I don’t keep both my feet parallel, I always step forward with me left as if I am in a fighting stance…I recently noticed this after 6 years of yoyoing haha.




I put the slip knot on the base of my index finger.


95% of my throws are front throws. Very rarely do I throw breakaways. I can do breakaways, I just prefer front throws.

I put the string on the base of my index finger.

I’m a a very right handed person, but for whatever reason I yoyo with my left. Even Kendama is done right handed.


same here! 1 helps having a good control as I play pretty fast. 2 is particularly obvious when I’m on stage or when I play in front of an audience, probably because of the stress but I often hit my leg when throwing a breakaway ;D


Now THAT I did not know! I thought you were straight-up lefty.


Ok this is going to be fun!!

Whenever someone tries one of my yoyo’s I have to clean it after with a windex or bleach bath (depends on how gross I gague that person to be)

All my yoyo’s have a spot in the case. If someone puts them back in the wrong spot I instanly fix that.

Whenever I get a new yoyo the 1st thing I do is lube the bearing (after a quick throw)

Once I mastered Skin the Gerbil I stopped learning new tricks. I have been shunned for it by many a friend… AND I may need counsuling for it… #nojoke


That cracked me up


That is no joke!!! hehe… Just imagine when you have Paul Dang over your house and he tries all your yoyos… that was a windex + bleach bath… and they still felt off…



By night I fight crime with my YoYo powers.


I always do this too.


I’ve been yoyoing for a year and could never get boingy boing. I got into a fight at school cause a kid didn’t give me back my 888. I haven’t sold or traded once. I rarely meet true yoyoers. I haven’t been to one contest but watch yoyo video of contest summaries very often.

(rizkiyoist) #18

This too…

(DOGS) #19

By night I cause crime with my YoYo powers.

(fella_) #20

I never ever ever touch an old yo-yo. I only touch my newest one. I don’t even let anyone touch my yo-yo’s! I refuse to touch other peoples yo-yo’s, and I won’t buy used ones EVER. ;D I also yo-yo with the string first nuckle going out from the base of the flip off finger.