sigh..... just gonna vent to you guys

so yoyoexpert i cant do anything money related my dad basically lost his job from what he’s getting paid right now but my mom got promoted to a manager at where she works and with 14k tuition coming in a month i havent got a single thing in the whole last month im really sad because i havent done anything fun in the past 2 months yoyoing is starting to get boring now because i cant get anything new at all and i cant ever have fun yoyoing without a fresh new start at least a month and it sucks b/c it makes me feel more poor going to a rich kid school and everyone talking how they like freaking get a new atv/gocart/dirtbike like every 2 weeks and ughh just ughh i asked my mom for 5 just 5$ she said no. who else’s family has like no money at all

Watch the ‘vocabulary’.

Well, just get used to not being spoiled and accept how lucky you are. Not everyone has the things you apparently do. And hey, in this economy, every $5 counts. Complaining will get you nothing. If you can’t have fun, at least you are with your family. Stop complaining, and just realize how lucky you are now, because when you get older, it’s gonna get worse. Almost everything I do now is done by my own means. My parents help sometimes, but I rely on myself a lot more than I used to.

Buck up. Life throws you curves here and there and dealing with them is really what it’s all about.

Not having a new throw each month is not going to make or break you or your yoyoing. Learn to appreciate what you’ve got.

Going to a private school and not having the latest and greatest - deal with it. Both of my kids went to an expensive private school on the tuition work program there. They got by, and had lots of friends w/o having all of the showy stuff. BTW, I lost my job in the middle of my daughter’s senior year. We all pulled together and she was able to stay there to graduate. It’s all what you make it.

Whenever I feel like this, I just think of Paris Hilton and go “thank god I’m not like that!”

You just need to take a step back, acknowledge the situation you and your family is in, and make the best with what you do have.

I haven’t had a new yoyo in a couple of years, but that doesn’t make me feel inferior or stop me having fun - impress people with your skill, not by material things.

Japan, now that’s suffering!!! At least you have a roof over your head, food and clean water!

why do you need to buy a new yoyo. that is what the BST is for. i believe the last new yoyo i bought online was a starlight with a $25 gift card, so i never spent money. this was before december (i don’t count xmas yo-yos as bought, they are gifts). do what i do: get good on what you have and win at yoyo contests. jk, just check out the BST if you want a new yoyo and just remember it is the thrower not the yoyo.