sidewinder for unresponsive yoyo

ok after the twisting problem…
I got another one :frowning:
since keep practising the tricks will make tension on the string…
as sidewinder can release the tension quickly…
but how to do it using a unresponsive yoyo ???

This is just as good as side winder.

that a good trick :wink:

thats helpful!

that is great! thanks rsmod!

Thats the easiest but you can also do a sidewinder but you have to catch it and stall it on your none throw hand…

Andre does it in this video some where in the beginning

I’m having the same tension troubles. Just transitioned from Metal Zero to 888… and string tricks are great and I’m even getting that hang of bind returns, but tension is killing me. The only one I can get to work is the one where you just pinch and then swirl throw hand around yo, but its not very quick.

I’ve tried the split bottom string pull thing (same as video above). I’ve tried the siderwinder/stall thing (same as in Andre video above)… but it seems like this 888 is so smooth, I can’t get any twist. For example, I try the split bottom string pull the string out trick and the yo just continue to hum along with no twist.


I find that the “split bottom” method is easier from a trapeze. It’s the same thing, but you do it from a trapeze. Land it in a trapeze, use the thumb and pointer on your freehand to pull the middle string away from you.

Wow. Nice trick. What yoyo was that. it looked like a orange Milk. :wink:

Its either a milk or a gung fu. I think it was a milk.