Sidewinder in a unresponsive yo-yo?

is there? or there is.


It is possible, but I don’t know how.

Yes there is. But its extremely difficult and takes practice.

Watch part 2, starting around 0:15.

Yes. When I do a bind, sometimes I stop my hand and move it to the side, causing it to wind, and roll up.

This isn’t exactly like Sidewinder, but it gives the same effect.

Edit: WOAH! I totally posted a Justin Weber video on accident, and no one corrected me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is what I actually meant:

ok you can do side winder but you must get a knot
i do it by doing wrist mount then just pulling my wrist out
it makes a knot but the yoyo shud (sorry for spelling) spin
you can now do sidewinder

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A method that works for me is grabbing the string closer to the yoyo, and doing a mini sidewinder.

Do i know it?

you can try pinching the string about6 inches above the yo-yo and do a mini side winder, it should work.