Side Mount Mach 5

Is this possible and is there any Tutorials? I mean doing one from a Break Away.

Isn’t it just a kamikaze mount? I think its a mach 5 sideways. Search that on youtube and you can find tutorials for it.

I don’t know for sure how this is done but I’d imagine you’d have to pull your TH inward like in an Oliver Twist. It is probably something really easy after you learn it. Mach 5 wasn’t so hard after I got the mount down, I can get about 12 good revolutions out of it now and that trick really does seem to get a lot of “oohs and aahs” too. I am working on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it’s just that. Here’s 2 links to those wanting to learn it.

You can’t do multiple repetitions because your hands are on the same side of the yoyo, though. Just something to keep in mind.

I understand that but, I am sure there is a solution. ;D

does this count

Maybe! Work on it and do it as an isolation and it might actually end up really cool. :slight_smile: Until it’s an isolation I don’t think it counts as a Mach 5 though.

I got it!  I am calling it Mach 7.  8)

Haha! Love your enthusiasm! I would argue that this is frontstyle, though. It’s more like a backwards Mach 5 than a sidestyle Mach 5. To me, Kadabrium is on the right track and just needs the isolation factor.

Well, if I go out side and try it, you can do it Clockwise or Counterclockwise. The whole thing is just kurl your TH Index on the initial K-Mount and it works both ways. Try it!

…“Mach 7”.

It’s more about the finger position and body orientation that’s making me call it “frontstyle”. But you know? If you turn toward NTH instead of TH when you turn, your spin direction is backwards from frontstyle, so maybe that’s not accurate, either. :wink:

Bro…, it’s a SIDE MOUNTED Breakaway Trick. It should go which way the Yo-Yo is spinning anyway, shouldn’t it?? So technically it should be Reverse! (ala a Hydrogen Bomb)

The Rotation should be towards your TH. … “MACH 7”.

I actually laughed pretty hard at this. Also, what is the “isolation factor”? I thought isolation was just another name for side-style mach 5’s.

Jeeze… don’t everybody line up to give me my props all at once, now. :smiley: :wink:

An isolation is when the yoyo cant leave any of the strings. Clearly, if you flip a mach mount upside down, the yoyo will drop off the top string.
2:27 the isolation d have become triangle pops if t were a mach mount

Oh! I see! Thanks alot! I totally get it now!

An isolation is done when the formation changes around the yoyo while the yoyo does not appear to move. Like regular old Mach 5… the yoyo stays stationary while you rotate the string formation around it.

There are some isolation tricks like spaceship where the formation rotates (with the yoyo still) and then the whole thing moves as one unit, then you rotate again, and move the whole thing as a unit. But the key is that there are parts (or the whole trick) where the yoyo seems to be staying in the same 3d space while the strings move around it.

“Bro”… your Mach 7 isn’t side mounted. I’ll rush to give you props when you solve the riddle. :wink:

Closest I’ve seen to a side-mounted Mach 5 has probably been “Dr. Strange”.

Does this count? (2:40-ish)

“MACH 7 aka Magic Mirror” ;D