coldfusion to mach 5?

so i have been seeing some tricks lately that looks like coldfusion but gets to mach five, in letter blue guy wright does it around 3:50. this guy does it too
i really can’t figure out how its done! can some body explain or find a trick with a tut on it?

I watched the video and I saw no Mach 5… odd. ??? ??? ???

He’s talking about the Mach 5 mount, not the revolving part of the trick.

Oh, ok, I see it now. And, I have no clue :stuck_out_tongue:

:-\ anyone?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s the beginning of Kamikaze!
Start with a Houdini Mount. Then pop the yo-yo up into the loop that your thumb is holding. Drop the string of your thumb and here you are!
In the video it’s at 8 sec.
Although it’s not a Mach5, it looks similar.

yea, mach 5 hold is what is in kamakazi, but i don’t know how in the world you get from cold fusion, do that swinging and land into mach 5!! thats what i need help figuring out. Thats the mach 5 hold, which is what i think is triping you guys up, not the trick mach 5. its basicly the same thing for frontstyle. i know how to get into it, just not this way. it seems similar to the red buddha version, but not quite. let me know if you figure it out!


It actually isnt the same as the mount in kamikaze :wink:
Here is a tut I made with the mount in it

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WOW! thanks! i really like this trick! it has some very good elements to it, and now i finally figured this out!! much thanks!