Hmmm...What to Name this Trick?

made a new trick based off of mach 5 (hey I’m only on advanced pt.1, can’t blame me). My first custom trick. Basically goes like this.

  1. Do a Mach 5,try to do as many revolutions as you can (helps with effect later).
  2. Stop with your hands parallel to each other with the yoyo hanging down. Make sure non-throwhand is in front.
  3. Put throwhand index finger into front string, make sure nonthrowhand index goes over other index, should have both hands reversed.
  4. Thread top horizantal sting under yoyo, then release nonthrowhand index.
  5. Pinwheel yoyo backwards (towards you) until all loops of string are gone from throwhand index.
  6. Dismounting, you can let go of string, causing yoyo to fly out and scare your friends/audience. LOL.
  7. You could also stop in Trapeze and dismount.

Video coming soon.

as sson as you get the video i’ll try to think of something. after making the video, you should make a tutorial. as for the name, how about something that relates to mach 5

I like this. I also think it’s cool if you can quickly transition into Boomerang from step six.

Good trick!

It sounds like a cool trick! You should make a vid of it.