Mach 5

Everytime I try to attempt a mach 5, when I bring my over the throw hand instead of under for split the atom, my yo-yo catches and slams me in the knuckles. After repetitive attempts my knuckles are red and hurting now. Is my yo-yo just to responsive for this? Or am I doing it wrong? I have a yoyo factory one.

I have a couple of responsive yoyos, although not the one, and they do not try to return during a Mach 5.

I’m not clear on when exactly it shoots back for you. If you’re already in the Mach 5 mount and starting rotations, make sure you’re pulling away from the yoyo with both hands to keep a little tension on the strings. Any slack in any string will get sucked up by a responsive yoyo and cause it to snap back on you. This trick has a lot of strings in the gap of the yoyo and they all must always be kept slack free.

I hope I’m understanding your problem. And I hope that helps. If not, try to describe exactly what step you’re on when you get the knuckle buster and any other details you can provide.

Even before Im in the Mach 5 mount. I get into split bottom mount. My non throw handfinger goes under the yoyo. Then I bring it above my throw hand finger to bring it forwards. As its right on top of the throw hand finger the yoyo catches and smacks into my knuckles every time. Im thinking the gap in my yoyo must be too small. Are you following what I mean about what part its happening at? its fairly in the begining. Its right before you pulls the strings tight and start spinning your hands.

I know what you mean now. I tried it with my sage… At that moment when my NTH is passing over my TH I have to stop and bounce the yoyo a couple times to get it to catch like you describe (with the painful results you describe too! Lol)

Have you recently lubed your bearing? That would boost response quite a bit.

Other than that, I’m not sure. I don’t believe the one’s gap is particularly narrow or anything like that. Maybe someone else with a one can chime in…

Well I depends how responsive your yoyo is if it catches easily you won’t be able to do the Mach 5

So it’s not happening to you? You had to bounce it. Yeah I lubed it two days ago with not too much use after. Wow I’m impressed how much the lube increases the responsiveness of the bearing. So I’m thinking maybe after I wear out this lube I will try it again. I gotta tell you, I’m scared to continue trying this haha. It’s becoming thrilling. lol

If you’re using the narrow bearing and it’s lubed, it’ll be hecka responsive.

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I’m just using the stock factory one. I’m not sure if its a narrow bearing. I need a new yoyo I suppose.

What would a narrow bearing be? Are there bearing I can buy to put on my factory one that are different? That would be awesome. I didn’t even know yoyo’s could be so customizable. I know I can probably change the rubber O-ring’s in it.

If you’re working on Mach 5, you should maybe start thinking about learning to bind and play unresponsive. In that case, you can just replace the bearing in your one with a wide bearing like a center track or something. Then with an unresponsive yoyo these kind of string tricks will be easier to learn, and much less painful too…

And much less painful too haha. Thats funny. I’ve been working on binding on the side. I’ll look into different bearings. A center track will be unresponsive, right? If this is the case will my O-rings serve any function?

The center track will make it unresponsive. The o-ring response is still required though. When you bind, the o-rings still have to be there to create friction with the string. Otherwise the string won’t wind up. Without the o-rings the string would try to wrap around the bearing and just rub the walls of the yoyo until it falls back to the end of the string.

The main difference will be that the bearing is wider and lubed with thin lube (if lubed at all, but that’s another issue…) The response system stays the same and still does it’s job.

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Thank you so much for your time and help.


I’m just curious what yoyo youre using. If your yoyo has those thick rubber o-rings mach 5 is tougher regardless.

Yeah I’m using a factory one. Mach 5 is harder to do because of the O-rings causing the issues I am having, right?

Nah, the one has regular silicone pads. The o-rings I was thinking about are thick black rubber ones that usually come in old yoyojam plastics. Either your bearing is the problem or you just need more practice;)

Remember to pull your string a little tight when you try to rotate your hands around the yoyo.

But Im not having a problem with the rotating. did you read what was happening up top?

I cant even get to the rotating part because i get knuckle busted prior to it every time.

Yeah I think my bearing is the problem. I think the responsiveness is.

I did. It just sounds like string is bunching up in the gap causing it to snag. Is it responsive? Does it come up with a tug?

My yoyo is responsive. Apparently way too responsive for the trick. It doesnt look as though its getting bunched up but I know something has to be going on. It doesnt happen when I do spilt the atom. Only Mach 5. When my NTH finger goes over the TH finger instead of under like you would for split the atom.

Hey guys. Just wanted to update you. I bought a unresponsive yoyo and now I got the mach 5 down. It’s just simply not a responsive yoyo trick. Thank you so much for your input.

Awesome! Maybe the yoyo you were using was REALLY responsive. I tried this trick with a responsive throw and I assure you, it is possible responsive. That being said, responsiveness is a grey area. Most people talk about it as if it were black and white, but I think it’s better to apply a 1-10 scale to it. The yoyo I tested this trick with was about a 4 dry or 7 lubed (10 being so responsive it can’t sleep…)

All throws play differently. Maybe that one isn’t gonna be your mach 5 machine! haha Or maybe don’t lube it for a while and see what happens…

Anyway, I’m glad you were able to do the trick. Now that you can get into the mach 5 mount its time for mondial/pop n fresh!