just cant nail Mach 5

Hello all, so I’m new to this just purchased a few yo-yo. The one i like the most is the Skyy Chaser but for some reason when trying to do the Mach 5 when i pull the string tight and rotate my hands the yo-yo turns to the side on me and just spins out. I’ve double checked my string tension everything’s seems good. I’m thinking it might be the bearings. The yo-yo is just a few weeks old what is the life of the bearing? I’ve been playing for about an hour or so a day.

It Doenst have anything to do with the yoyo or string i dont think

Well try not to pull the string tight when you do the rotation

make sure you keep the rotation in a steady path around the yoyo

hope it helps


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Perfect you are correct that is what i needed. there was just to much tension when i was pulling on the strings. I’ll keep practicing thanks for setting me straight.

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