Mach 5

When I do my mach 5 trick, I get it into the part where you begin to spin your hands around the yo-yo. I think the string hits the yo-yo side and stops it almost immeadiatly after I get into it. Does any one happen to have any suggestions?



A faster throw? How long are they generally? Also, try to keep the string in the center of the yoyo, kk bearings help. Maybe you’re moving your hands and causing the string to hit the yoyo.

What yoyo is it?

Actually I remembered when I first tryed it I would pull to tight.

So that might be the problem.

Not sure but try.


Yup, also don’t pull to softly, or it will snag and die. Keep the yoyo centered, like batryn said.

For one: I have a Dark Magic so, I know its not the yo-yo. I have been pulling really tight, I’ll try that, and I know its hitting the side, just I don’t know how to fix it.

Hitting the side, then move away from the side :smiley:

yeah, thanks! :slight_smile: