Mach 5 :(

I have a New Breed and i am having trouble with mach 5. Every time i start to spin it my yoyo gets unbalanced and ends up turning sideways and spinning out. Is there a trick to help you keep it balanced or is it my yoyo?

i’m guessing the yoyo is spinning out because its not sleeping long enough. I would practice snaping my wrist for a stronger sleeper. Also try keeping the string centered when your going into the mount so the response doesn’t snag the string and slow down the yoyo.

hope this helped.

Another good tip, you may be pulling too hard. Only pull the string apart enough to make it taut.

I really don’t think my yoyo is just spinning out because of my sleeper. My yoyo could probably handle some big combos but for some reason it just turns on its side and spins out. Maybe i am pulling a little too tight.