Mach 5 help

Im in the middle of doing all the simpler split bottom mount tricks. I can do split the atom with ease, and am working on getting my atomic bomb faster. Im getting my boingy-boing motion down aswell. For some reason though, the Mach 5 stumps me. I have no trouble getting into it, the only thing is that my yoyo runs out of spin while my hand are moving around the yoyo. Does anyone know a solution?

I tried making my gap bigger on my Dark Magic, very insignificant difference.

is it unresponsive? try to do your best keeping the string in the middle of the gap and it not touching the sides. a kk may help with that.

you may be putting too much strain on the yoyo (you are pulling your hands apart too hard)

I can only go around the yoyo in mach 5 twice while spinning.


As jonajune said try not to pull heaps tight on your strings and also try keep the strings all together because they can rub on the response system and slow the yoyo down.

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hmm that may be the problem. i pull them as tight as i can. and yes, my yoyo is unresponsive.

You have to keep the strings as centered as possible so you can go longer. i if your having trouble with gyroscopic flop, then also try to do that. :slight_smile: