mondial help!

Please help me, i have been trying to do mondial, but from the mach 5 mount it just bounces up and get tangles, what i mean is once i do the mach 5 spins it throw it up and it gets tangled or just goes into a wierder mach 5 mount?
help anyone?

Maybe I can help. What it sounds like to me is that you are having a problem with hand placement and what to do when popping/switching them.

To start, when you stop doing Mach 5 and are ready to do Mondial, make sure your throw hand is forward (away from you) and your non throw hand is behind (closer to you).

When you pop and switch your hands, it is important that your throw hand finger moves ABOVE your non throw hand finger, and your nth finger moves BELOW. Do this before the yoyo comes down, and it should land back in a split-bottom mount.

Hope it helps!