Side effects


How can I put side effects on the dv888


You would have to do a pretty decent amount of modification and in the end, would it be worth it? Is this just a fun project or???


Simple, you can not.
admitted to owning the cad of the seats of the side effects, admitted to having a cnc lathe (all things do you not have) … on the shell of the DV888, a hub area, missing the meterial to realize the edge of the side effect and also the thickness not think it’s compatible.
Problem solved…


I have only rudimentary knowledge of machining metals and modifying yoyos however couldn’t you add a small amount of material?
For example:
-drill out the threads and bearing seat
-grab a metal blank about 1" diameter and turn out the hubs that the SE set in, turn down the rest of the blank down to the inner diameter on the base of the cup, cut off the hub leaving a very small portion of the base diameter metal.

These could both be placed on the inside of the dv888 cup halves and then the yoyo could be put together with the SE.

However the SE axel may not be long enough… may have to compensate for that somehow. Probably could remove the standard axel somehow and add a slightly longer one.


forgive me but I did not understand (certainly the cause is mine and translator)
however I do not see any feasible opportunity to make this change.


Sorry, I’m not very good at explaining things such as this without pictures…


doesn’t depend on how You explain, it depends of english that I do not know… Trust me! :frowning: