Could there be a D-bearing Side Effect yoyo?

Does anyone know if the dimensions allow for this, or would the whole system need to be tweaked? Would definitely be something i’d like to see.

The ID of the bearing is a different size so I would think t get the proper fit the system would need to be scaled to the correct size.

The Side Effects act as the bearing post in the response area of the yo-yo so a D-Bearing yo-yo would require Side Effects with a smaller post diameter in order to fit the inner race of the D-Bearing. It could be done but quite a bit of retooling would be required.

I figured it must be something like that. That’s too bad. Doubt OD would want to make a separate line of SE’s even though D-bearings seem to be making a slow but steady comeback.

One thought I had after answering your question is would it be possible to make a Side Effect that steps down to the D-Bearing size and allows any SE capable yo-yo of becoming a d-bearing yo-yo. I may have to ask Shawn if this is possible. :slight_smile:

But the SE system doesn’t have any impact on the bearing recess. The bearing recess would also have to be re-done to accommodate a smaller bearing, which would may also mean re-doing the response recess. Adjusting the SE’s wouldn’t be as difficult, but there’s more to it.

Possible? Absolutely.

The only other solution would be a drop in or screw in SPR-type spacer. More parts means potential for vibe and potential cost increases.

Another option would be the yoyos being re-engineered for the D-bearing, including SE’s, bearing recess and response recess. Not all yoyos do well when re-done with a different bearing. The only instance I can really think of is the CLYW Bassalope, which was designed for an A-bearing. The C-bearing version doesn’t play quite as well in my opinion, and I’m a big fan of C-bearings.

Remember, anything is possible. It just costs extra.

It could be done, but it would be an entirely independent system (not at all compatible with current Side Effects).

It is very unlikely that we will do this.

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Maybe a spacer that would fill the recess to accommodate the smaller bearing?

I gotta tell you. I LOVE the idea of being able to take one yoyo and be able to switch back and forth between C and D bearing sizes. I really REALLY love my small bearing yoyos. The Skywalker is a thing of beauty with the smaller bearing and I still think the small bearing Enigma kicks the crab apples out of the large bearing version. I’m not even sure why I like the smaller bearing better. I’m not schooled enough on the benefits. I just seem to play better with it.

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I think I had a d bearing aoda… It was amazing. Played like a boss. Not 100% sure if it was even d but it wasn’t c and it wasn’t a either.

It works better with something that uses a spacer system like crucial or yoyojokers delrins.