side effects


how do you take them off? im sorry, my dietz is my first onedrop. i dont need to change them, im just curious. also my dietz seems to be vibey, it it because of side effects? (i know its not the marks, they are cosmetic and miniscule) thanks!


You unscrew it, and push the side effects out from the inside of the yoyo.

For instance, if your side effects are silver, then you push the silver part of the bearing-seat area. Or you can push down on it on a table.


but axle wont even come out ??? i even used a perfectly sized allen wrench! i mean i love the yoyo, its my fav along side the g funk, but im curious. thanks! at least i know how to get it out if the axle comes out lol :stuck_out_tongue:



The axle is not supposed to come off.


The Dietz can vibe pretty good on a bad throw. If your throw in on the money and it still vibes, try tightening it a bit more, and try a new bearing too. Mine is almost too smooth.


all fixed, THANKS!

EDIT: not fixed :stuck_out_tongue:


it still seems to vibe, even if you put your finger up to it… i know its not my throw.


also the darn axle is stuck to a side effect… it might be that, it prevents me from tuning… i still love it though!


so its basically stuck on a side effect? is that for all of them?


sorry guys, a simple switch to a speed bearing fixed it! still need help with the axle though.


If you take the axle out, you might ruin the SE! They are locktited into the SE. It will take at least 60in/lbs to break it lose and you will cause problems.


yeah i have a one drop dietz and you just push them out from the inside… one should have the axel attached and one shouldn’t (its made this way)


oh ok! errythings all good (for sure )thank for your guys help and putting up with my BS!


We all have to learn. Better you asked and got the information rather than damage stuff.