Dietz side effects?


Are the side effects on the dietz removable? I can’t seem to get them out ???


Yessir, they come out easily!


Yes. Try pushing them harder or try gently tapping them on a table.


Ok so I tried tapping and one of them came off but the SE with the axle still isn’t coming out ???

EDIT: got it out, had to put a whole lot of weight on it though :stuck_out_tongue: thanks guys

(WildCat23) #5

Mine was like that the first time, but never again.


Put a little bit of lube in the taper hole before you put them back in. Regular maintenance like this will make them easy to take in and out.


Can a side effect throw be untuned when putting it back together? My Chik is too smooth and I want to add a little vibe to it.

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Throw it on the concrete a few times as hard as you can.

Or, you could put them in a vice, then use pliers and bend the axle, but I really don’t see the point.


Small amounts of vibe that can be reverted, not destroying or damaging the thing.
I find it to be too smooth and don’t even notice when the yoyo is dying out.


Are you using the stock 10 ball? If not, you could chance it out for something else, so your yoyo will still play smooth, but you’ll be able to hear it die out.

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Fell out of my chair when I read this.

Those are fool proof methods. Should have thought of this ages ago!