Sick String! Longer string! (47 in.)

Sick String!

Intro: Hi! My name is James Reed! I make string called Sick String. My string is soft, preforms slacks and whips with ease, has nice big loops for suicides, and lasts a long time. My current string colors are shown in the pictures on the bottom of this post. You pick the string colors if you would like. But you can always leave that up to me, and trust me, I know some pretty sick string color combos! My string isn’t ordinary polyester string. My strings come in the normal thickness rage (For example it is as thick as YYE Polyester strings or YYN Highlights or almost any other regular string.) unless you order a thin format. Excluding my Normal format string all my string contains 20% secret thread! I make string for right handers and left handers. If you do not tell me that you are a left hander in your PM then I will assume you are a right hander. I can also make one half of a pack for right handers, and the other half for left handers, perfect for 3a or 2a. But if you want this, be sure to PM me these details when you order or otherwise I will assume you want it all for right handers.

[color=red]My string comes in the following formats:

All strings are sold by 6’s unless otherwise individually stated.

Secret (Personally, this is my favorite string I make! I recommend this to anyone!) My friend says it plays killer for 3a also, and slides really well in kinks. But I myself like it for 1a, all though I don’t 3a my friend says it plays really nice for 3a too! This is 100% secret thread string, plays awesome! It is nice and heavy, meaning great whips, lacerations, and slacks! It last for a REALLY long time! And it is really soft! It is the softest string I have! I would say it is my best string for whips. NOTE: Due to the specific colors the thread comes in this string can only come in the colors white, bright yellow, bright red, pink, and purple. Due to the secrety of this thread the secret thread spools are not pictured in the pictures, but the strings are.4$ USD

Sorry it’s blurry, my camera isn’t good with close up pictures. Pics:

Original XP The XP stands for Xtra Preformance. This is made from a different brand of poly! I like it a lot! It comes in 2 neon colors. Bright lime green, or Bright orange! It looks tight! It has wicked good string tension, and really good whips and slacks. I also have these colors: Blue Fade, Purple Fade, and Green Fade colors for this format. They aren’t neon, but they look really cool! They have all tones of the specific colors in them. Example: Blue Fade has: dark blue, light blue, and regular blue in it all sewn up into the thread hence the ending word fade. NOTE: The neon colors can only come in there solid colors, no mixing up the 2 colors into one string. 80% poly, 20% secret thread. $4.50 USD

Sorry it’s blurry, my camera isn’t good with close up pictures Pics:

What’ev If you order What’ev you will get what’ev I feel like making. Every string will be different! I could make you a string made of XP Poly thread, Secret thread, and Denim thread! You never know what I will make you! Just what’ev colors I feel like making and what’ev type of thread I feel like using! This string will individually different and every string you get in a pack will be different! Never know what your gonna get, or what’ev colors your gonna recive! With this format, I will choose the colors for you $4 USD

Original. Just great string, I recommend this! It is soft, and great string! 80% poly, 20% secret thread. Can come in many different string colors and color combos! $3 USD

Normal Regular string with a twist of Sick String quality and materials. No secret thread, 100% poly. $2 USD

Premium NOTE: This string is only intended for 3a, as it is a little grabby so you can make your left hand binds nice and tight, especially helps for beginer 3a yoyoers! I add a little wax to it making it slightly heavier. This is not just wax. Infact, it is not wax, but it kinda feels like wax. I just call it wax to keep it’s identity a secret. Just let me tell you, I am SURE nobody has ever used it before! No, it is not candle wax. It feels slightly heavier than regular string, giving it the edge on whips! Plays like nothing you’ve ever played before! Very unique! 80% poly, 20% secret thread. $4 USD

Tester Do you want to try out all of the string? Well, order this and you can! Comes with one of every format except Cotton Strand, Glow string, and Mr. T string. You get: 1 Secret, 1 Normal, 1 Original, 1 Premium, 1 Original XP, and 1 Thin Original. $4 USD

Denim This string is made out of, that’s right, denim! Same thing those jeans you have on are made of. It plays really nice, and has it’s own unique feel to it. This strings color looks just like regular old Levi blue Jeans. Because it is made of denim, it is kinda a novelty also. Comes in the color of regular jeans. A blue with white specs in it. Due to a super small spool and a expencive price for the small amount of thread I get, the price is pretty high, and I sell them by ones so I won’t have to buy a billion spools to make a single pack of 6 and end up loosing money. This string only comes in the Denim color it comes in, and that is blue $0.75 a string

Rave String This string is very bright! It glows and never looses it’s glow! I only takes a little while to recharge the glow. It plays just like the original stirng accept it glows! Due to expences on my glow thread, I will sell these by ones. This string is the most expencive thread I have yet to see. It cost $6 a spool, and the spool’s with is about the size of a quarter, and the height is about the size of a quarter and 2 cm. Really expenice. There is only enough thread to make 2 strings pere spool, so if I sell them at $3 that would be selling them for free, hence the 75 cent mark up. 80% poly, 20% secret thread. $3.75 USD per string

Here is a picture of my Glow in the Dark string. I didn’t enhance the photo, or do anything to this photo to make it look brighter. And it even looks better in person! Pics:

Cotton Strand You can add Cotton Strands to any of your string orders. This is not a string type, this is an add-on to your strings. So, for example you can order Premium Cotton Strand, Original Cotton Strand, ect. The cotton makes the string last longer, and play a tad different. My cotton comes in either black or white, and when I make your string I will put the color that is least noticeable in your string. NOTE: When you order a Cotton Strand in your string, you are only allowed to have 5 color combonations in 1 string instead of 6 due to having to put another thread in the string. $1 USD if you want it in your order!

Thin You can now order your strings thinner! Just say you want your strings thinner and I will make them thinner. Great for small bearings and some Hspin yoyos. This is FREE of charge!

[b]Metalic strings!

Best looking strings you will EVER get! Garenteed!

(Has some neat eye catching metalic poly! Great for you showoffs, because yoyoing’s all about lookin good!)NOTE: Due to the nature of the metalic string, it is a little stiff, but softens up a lot after breaking in. It might take a bit to break in, but once it does, it plays better, and A LOT softer![/b]

Secret Metalic Instead of Poly thread you can have Secret thread in your Metalic string if suggested by you. I personally like it better this way Just tell me what type of Metalic strings you want, and that you would like them to have Secret thread instead of poly, and then state which color you want in it…  The colors my Secret thread comes in are: White, bright yellow, bright red, pink, and purple. This adds $0.50 due to the higher cost in Secret thread.

Mr. T string This string has gold! Not real of couse. But it sure looks like it! It shines soo bright! It looks like your string is a gold chain! I use a secret gold thread. 25% metalic poly, 75% poly, $1.50 USD per string

Black Magic An extreamly sick string using a neat sparkly black metalic thread. It is so neat in person! It sparkles under light! It has little pieces of blue, red, etc. sparkles in it! 25% metalic poly, 75% poly. $1.50 USD per string

White Light This has got to be one of my favorites! It is a sparkley white string! Sparkles under the light! 25% metalic poly, 75% poly. $1.50 USD per string

Sick Copper Nice string made with the insperation of a shinny penny. It shines in the light, and looks tight! 25% metalic poly, 75% poly. $1.50 USD per string

Lava This string looks like it was dipped in molten magma. It is metalic red! Pure hot red. Shines under light! Looks sick! 25% metalic poly, 75% poly. $1.50 USD per string

My camera isn’t good with close up shots, and I can asure you that the all the Metalic strings pictured look WAY better and WAY more flashy in person Pics:

Here is a nice pic my friend Jason took of his string. It is a White Light mixed with Pink Poly:

Stuff to Know

Payment: The only payment option I have is Paypal. You have to shoot me a PM to order string. PM me telling me your order. Then after that, I will tell you your total and my paypay account name so you can deposit the cash in my paypal.

Shiping: I don’t have controll over the mail but I ship all my mail on time. Usually I get the string order out the next day, especially if you let me choose the colors. But the latest I will ever ship out a string is one week after the order if you have a large order, and if I am busy, which I almost never am.
Americans and Canadians: $2 USD
Non-Americans: $4 USD

My Vids Using Sick String


My string now comes 47 inches long! (Or longer!) 46 inches is LONG!
My string also came on a line of USA edition Hatricks (my favorite yoyo ever) over at onedrop! They now have been sold out. aww But I just wanted to share that my string is not a joke, and is a quality peice of string. And for those of you who don’t belive that it was really used on such a yoyo, check out Brents reveiw of the USA Hatrick at: In the construction section of the reveiw, he says the Hatrick comes with a custom Sick String by James Reed! That string is red, white, and blue, and it perfectly fits the colors on the USA Hatrick. Just thought I’d share that with you guys

I am (…still) working on getting up my website, so hold on! Sorry, but I don’t think I will get my website up. It cost too much and I am getting good enough business just selling them here on the BST.

Please tell me if you are a left handed yoyoer and you would like me to make your string for left handers.


Please PM me all orders. You can ask on this thread if you have to but you NEED to shoot me a PM.

Oh, and guys, USD stands for US dollars. As American money.

Every string pack you order will come in a pack of 6 unless otherwise individually stated.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me, but be sure to read the entire thread before asking me a question cause it annoys me to answer a question that I have allready stated the answer to in this thread.

Below are the colors I can use in your string! I can use up two 6 colors in one string unless otherwise stated in a specific format. And if you order a pack you can choose every string color for every string you order unless otherwise stated. I don’t have my Secret thread pictured cause I don’t want anyone to find out what I use in my string. But the colors of my secret thread are: white, bright yellow, bright red, pink, and purple.

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what about that hatrick.

Ok, I said all orders in pm. It just clutters the thread. And no, the Hatrick is just for show. Lol, it is just there to taunt you! :smiley:

EDIT changed pics.

Thats not nice man!

Lol! Yeah, the Hatrick was just there for show. But I changed the pics due to confusion. :smiley:

                                                        James Reed, Sick String!

hey james do you make the string once we order it?
if so how long will it take for a order of 5?

Usually it will only take me about 1 day to make the string and the string is sent out the next day in the summer. In school days it might take me up to 3 days If I am not booked. And that depends on how much string you want. But sometimes I will get a huge order. So please allow a max. of a week if a bigger order for me to make your string. I seriously doubt it will take me so long to make your string but yeah. :slight_smile:

5/5/10 EDIT: The website idea seems good. I know I have been saying it will be up soon but I will have it up sometime. My neighbor is making it for me for free and he is a busy guy so it might take him a bit. The T shirt idea and the sticker thing might take longer. I don’t know. My uncle, the person who is in charge of making them has an family emergancy so I can understand the wait. Don’t know when they will be made though.

~James Reed, Sick String!

Now get more strings with your order! :slight_smile:

Glow in the dark string still yet to come. I might just head over to the store today and get some glow stuff for the string…

Hey man, How much would it be for 10 thin original blue/black strings?
I saw the prices for the string but was not sure if that’s for just one string or multiple strings.

I sell them by six’es. 3 for 6 og. 6 for 12 og. ect.

You can get a 12 pack for 6 bucks. Sorry, I only sell by six’es.

                             James Reed, Sick String!

Awesome! I’ll have to pick some up in the future… but in the mean time, Good luck with your continuing venture

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

They sound cool. :smiley:
You should let me test one out. xD


Ah what the heck. I will let you try out 6 Original (OG) Sick String… for 3$! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: (I know I’m mean XD)

                                                   James Reed, Sick String!

Glow Thread or glow paint. ;D
I’ll test out protos.

Cool thanks man. That helped out a lot. I was thinking of cracking open glow sticks on the string! :smiley:

Well, It wouldn’t last very long.
Glow paint recharges with light.

5 pack of orange and magenta?

Sounds good. :slight_smile:

Hey this string is really good^___^
its slack friendly and long lasting ^___^
i have been playing with the same string for 2 full days now^_^
and its still good…also because i take care of string and make sure i don’t have bad tension^

thanks for making the string^___^

i recommend everyone to buy this string !!!

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