Official Beyond 42 Strings Thread(No longer in operation)

Company is done but I will keep the thread as an example for new companies(no longer taking orders)

I am not taking anymore orders my company has closed. It is just way easier to buy string.

So I started yet another one man string company. I make 100% polyester hand made strings. Nothing extraordinary. But according to some my strings play well… Great! I am based out of South Eastern Michigan. I strive to meet your demands no matter how improbable.


Shipping to the US is included in all prices and all strings come from 50-57 inches in length.

PM or Email me at for order inquiries(Paypal)


Our string types:

Marvin’s (Nylon poly blend): So good it will make you paranoid! (It comes in all white by default, but I can do other colors, note it will have white in the blend, because I buy my nylon in white.)

Sold 10 packs of white for $6.00 per set of ten including shipping.

The Ood Noodle will only be sold in 10 packs for $5.50 including shipping

22s available exclusively in 10 packs for $5.50 including shipping

10 packs of type 6 polyester available in loose or tight. for $4.50


Thank you for your time and for looking into Beyond 42 Strings.

Official Representives:

Mctron CEO/Founder/The Dude who makes the strings

Athr3e Consultant and team member

I can do custom colors on orders of 50 or more!

All other orders are from this ever growing list of colors:


Royal Blue




Awesome mixes:

Salt and pepper (White/Black)

Spiderman (Blue heavy red/blue mix)

Spiderman 2099 (Red heavy red/blue mix)

Red Dwarf (Red/orange)

Night (black heavy black/white)

Awesome! I own a string company here in southern Wisconsin! Glad to see a new string company(or an old one just coming back :P)!

I don’t know if you recall, but you said I’d be able to get a sampler pack of 3 as to test out the strings and let you know what I think. If any of that has changed just let me know

I mailed it on monday it should be there soonish, I mean soon for snail mail.

Alright sounds good, just didn’t know when to be expecting it lol. Thanks!

Introducing Spiderman (Blue heavy red/blue mix)

And Spiderman 2099 (Red heavy red/blue mix)

I will post pics in the morning

So mine came in the other day. And I must say, I really like them! They were excellent for doing suicides with (even after about 2 hours of play), they gave me some good strong binds, and I found they gave my fingers slightly less of a string burn during playing.

The only things I would say could make them better, would be making them thicker, or thinner. This could be because I’m used to Kitty Slim string and Toxic Metz, but they felt a little in-between-ish, I could do whips just fine, yet not with the great feeling of seeing the thick string slowly catch the yoyo in mid air. However, I could also do string tricks.

I would say they were a good string to do most things with. However I would suggest in the future adding both thick and thin string to the list of choices. Alternately, as sales improve and what not, perhaps allow for some customization (at a more expensive price of course), with options such as color, length, thickness, etc. Just an idea.

But I will be looking into buying either 50 or 25 sometime within the next month!

I can do custom sizes, type 5 (slim) type 7 (fat) Type 8 (obese) and type 4 (flea floss) on any order and custom color (1) on orders of 50 or more, or two custom colors with orders of 100 or more

Anyway we could work in a combination of different strings and colors? I’d gladly pay more for the inconvenience.

Whattt? South Eastern MI??? Thats my turf homie.

What city do you live in?

Brighton MI, 20 min away from Ann Arbor

Duuudeee you’re from Brighton? Thats sweet! I’m from Canton, it’s about 30 mins from Ann Arbor.

Have you ever heard of the Plymouth Yoyo Club?

No, it is a little far to go that frequently for me, and the time doesn’t work for me.

No neon colors?

Not yet, I couldn’t find it in the kind of thread that I use

mabey you could try finding bulk neon on line and incorporate it into your retail price( in order to maintaine your current profit margin)

just an idea mctron

your string is great by the way. i finnaly locked down suicides and it still remains very soft and smooth despite its tension!
I will most likely be ordering some after my kitty string runs dry

i will let you know if i find any cool string colors online or at a store

I will order some neon sometime next week. Green/yellow for sure

Neon colors coming February 2013

thanks! you’ll vave to make a cool twisted neon string. i will definetly order some 100ct.