Sibling Rivalry: Brad Moss vs. Andrew Dalton

Sibling Rivalry - Brad Moss Vs. Andrew Dalton - 5A/1A Battle

Now begins the long awaited battle between these two Big Brother Yoyos
sponsored throwers!

The battle consists of four throws. The first two will be 5a, and the
other two 1a.

Voting will last one week, after which all votes will be tallied and
the results will be posted. Voting should be based on yoyoing, not
videography or editing. Please watch both videos all the way through
before casting your vote.

On to the videos!

Andrew Dalton AKA Maddog

Brad Moss AKA B-Rad

[b]May the best brother win!

PEW PEW![/b]

WOOF WOOF! Maddog!

I gotta go with Brad. I really liked his tricks.



It was tough. Top- quality, both of you. I had to go with andrew because his 1A was a little better… but that was amazing.

Had to vote brad. His tricks had such a cool style and flow, they were really fluid and fun to watch.

i THink your both amazing and very close in skill. in the end if i had to pick one im going to go with brad. but dang it was close.

Whats up brad!

This took 10 mins. to choose… Brad.

This is the closest battle I’ve ever seen. Only two votes out of more than 125 cast on all the forums seperate them at the moment.

Brad is going to hate me, but I have to go with Andrew on this one. Brad just sucked it up! :stuck_out_tongue: No, I agree with the rest of these people. This is a pretty epic battle. Both are winners. :wink:

I hate you