Brad Moss Vs. Will McCue

This is a video battle between me (Brad Moss) and my friend Will.

I’d appreciate it if you post who you vote for in the poll and explain why you liked that particular person better. Thanks

Brad Moss:

Will McCue:

One vote for Brad, for two reasons:

  • In time with the music during pops.  I really like the way that feels.
  • Will’s feels a little more forced, almost as if he wasn’t enjoying it.

Tough decision. I’ve gotta go with Brad though.

Sorry Will but I have to go with Brad on this one. His tricks flowed a little bit better and I think were more difficult. Keep up the good work though, Will.

I voted Will because I felt sorry for him! lol

brad had more flow to his tricks, i voted for him

I almost didn’t vote because of how bad both music choices were : D

I voted for Brad though. I like his tricks, style, and plaid shirt more.

I also didn’t feel like Will gave his best. I’ve liked his yoyoing in previous videos from him more.

that is exactly why i voted for him lol

I go with brad. Will was sorta just heres a trick. Oh look… heres another one. Brad put everthing together smooth.


yeah love the music love the style love his style (and shirt).

favorite on tube.