Juan Renteria Vs. Bradley Moss 1a Video Battle

So Juan and I decided we were going to do a video battle because of something I posted on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/bradleyjmoss ), and we’re leaving it up to you guys to choose the winner. So here we are.

Juan Renteria:

Bradley Moss:

My vote goes to B-Rad

Gotta say Brad here. Just seems to flow better.

Both are good, just happen to like Brad’s entry better.

Both are awesome, but I’m gonna vote for Juan. :slight_smile:

brad was flowing better

I prefered Juans entry.

Both are really good, and both have some nice flow, but I feel that Juans tricks had less of a “contest trick” style to them and more of a trick showcase feel. I enjoy seeing both but for the sake of the video contest and showing off some creativity and style, I think his places just a bit over Brad’s.
Brad’s has more continuous and directional motion of continuity, which is aesthetically pleasing to see, but when it comes down to what I like seeing, Juan got my vote.

Great job you guys!



These actually aren’t “contest tricks” These are my “toned down, not trying to go as fast as a bat out of hell” tricks that are just trying to go a little more smoother and flow a little better. But ok. :slight_smile:

Go juan?

I meant go juan!!!

Voting ended, between the 2 forums this was put on, the score was Me: 26, Juan: 21. Super close. Neither one of us really cared about who won or not. Just a little thing for fun, and a reason to put up some videos. :smiley: