5A Battle between Jaun and Tie Who will win come vote!

By the way I was given permission by Juan to do the pole




They’re very different, but I like Juan’s style better, sorry Ty.

I liked Juan’s tricks and video overall better.

i liked juan because his style is better and chill and not as complicated as ty

Juan no doubt.

Tie by far… But I am biased hehehe! But I really did like his stuff better.

Get 'em Tie!

Also, is that a TT I see? I can’t tell…

i really like jauns better, he was more smooth. But thats my opion

Man, this was a tough JUAN, I thought it was going to be a TIE.

EDIT: I just saw the Tie option, so I deleted who I said was going to win and picked that.

Tie. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Tie had more difficult tricks.