3 Way Video Battle! Juliang22 vs Aznnboyaz Vs Qwertyo ENDED

Its Video Battle Time!!! The rules are as follows: Video is below 4 minutes, no bad language in the music, as many styles as you want, and above all HAVE FUN! Judge the videos on style, video quality, enjoyment of watching, and hardness of the trick. You will be given 10 days to vote. Let the judging BEGIN!




You 2 really did a nice Job!

This is one TOUGH battle!

AznnboyaZ FTW! Actually not yet, but I hope so. Everybody did good, but I thought AzznboyaZ’s tricks were the smoothest. Also, that is one of my favorite songs ever. Second and Sebring by the legendary Of Mice and Men


it was a tough one. I’d have to go with Juliang22. main decider was the video quality and the effect of turning the camera to another you. haha. but all 3 were great. no second or third place. Aznnboyaz 3a was really awesome. Qwertyo’s looping on a tricycle was pretty crazy, I’m sure riding that by itself is tough. all 3 are great but the video effect won it for me. all the tricks were hard, all seemed very smooth, and I loved watching all the videos!

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He he sorry, that bothered me a tad
And I’d have to agree! That effect was pretty genius!

oh my glob, I’m so embarrassed. hahaha, thanks. I feel like an idiot.

Dont be!
its just a simple mistake haha!

That Diaboloing at the end was pretty impressive

ehhh, Excaliber genocides are pretty easy haha

I was going for more simplistic(for the editing) but me and Julian filmed each other and he was a genius when it came to transitions. aznnaboyaz I love your video.

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Yours was crazy good too!

i have a feeling we got a winner!

You both did incredible jobs. I have a feeling (woohoo) that this is going to be a close one.

It’s crazy that 405 people have viewed this thread but only 23 have voted. Come on guys keep voting!!!

totally agree!

Vote guys!

Hey, that is how battles are. A lot of viewing and not much voting. They are long videos too, a total of twelve minutes to choose between you guys so it isn’t like they are very short.

All of you did great, it was hard to decide who to pick. I love seeing all the diffrenty styles you guys did in the battles to. Unicycle with 2A too, 2A is hard enough…you’re crazy but it was awesome.

I vote Qwertyo, because the unicycling while looping was awesome.

Bump :wink:

dude. chillax.

Thanks Julian :slight_smile: