Yoyo Battle---aznnboyaZ vs. Slade Riggs---

After purchasing a camera from me, aznnboyaZ challenged me to a battle and I accepted. The rules were as follows: Any number of styles, no time limit, and have fun.

So watch some videos and pick your favorite for this battle and thanks for watching.


Slade Riggs

if aznnboya didnt use just the head cam the entire time he would have my vote… but it got sort of annoying watching it from that angle for the entire video. Slade has my vote this time!

Aznnboya’s video was really long, and the whole “head cam” thing should only be used as an effect, not as a primary angle. also, the music was really annoying, and using language in a contest setting would’ve gotten you disqualified.

Haha, well, hey

Learning from my mistakes eh?

and also, im guessing not everyone has my taste in music, thats understandable.

Dont even have to watch it. Slade hands down

Aznnboyas gets my vote. Much more interesting tricks in my opinion.

Thankyou kind sir!

Your awesome slade, but annzboyaz gets my vote. I admire your style!

No problem, he’s good. I have told him that allready, haha. Just enjoying the battle. Hope more people vote as well.

You like my style?

Wow! Huh, i guess, im better tan i thought i was XD

Aznnboyaz’s tricks seemed cooler to me because of the flashy head cam shot. But his video seemed unnecessarily long. Especially considering that it’s just a video battle.

Slade’s 5a was cool. I don’t really like 3a in general because most of the time it just looks sloppy.

This feels less like a video battle and more like a thread that just has two cool videos in it. They’re too different for me to decide on which one is better. I’m not voting, but I wanted to let you guys know that they were great videos. Good job!

I just got started in 3A but I wanted to do a video with no 1A in it really. Having fun is the name of this game. Thanks for the complements, hope to see some more videos from you.

Haha, Took me 6 HOURS to make this video!

It was ridiculous haha

aznnboyaZ has my vote! I did not like the music very much, but I think his style is AMAZING!!! You are boss aznnboyaZ!

Why Thankyou Good Sir!

Also, i saw your video, Your INSANE for being so young!




Aznnboya cause i like his shirt more than slade’s