Yoyo Battle---aznnboyaZ vs. Slade Riggs---

aznnboayZ has my vote. for multiple reasons:

  1. was quick and very fluent
  2. Performed tricks with a high difficulty and complexness
  3. Marilyn Manson.


They were HEAVILY influenced By Marilyn Manson!
Check em out, they rule!

Oh wow! they sound so similar!

He does a sweet replica of the Manson voice eh?


I was seriously, expecting Slade to beat me by a long run

Thanks you guys!

few more days till, voting closes!
So i guess

aznnboyaZ should totally be the winner! I vote for aznnboyaZ! Plain and simple definition of the faces of awesomeness!

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You guys are way too kind!

If slade had done some 1a he wouldve cliched it, but you still showed off your skills. annboyaZ wouldve had my vote but the camera angle got annoying. Both were great but i appreciate slades myriad of styles quite a bit, he gets my voote

Slades got this! He has my vote hands down

Well im not judge but i dont really think one should lose a vote due to cam angles and video length. Slade has amazing 5a and azn has some dank 1a. You really can’t give one a vote on who’s better or not, they’re completely different. Just my .02 though. For whos video i liked better id have to say azn.

Just under an hour and a half left to vote. Today is the last day.

that’s not the point. Both were fantastic, and my vote will be confidential.

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You got this :wink: .

Video Battle =/= COntest setting.

I was too late to vote, but mine would have gone to Slade.


I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.

Im not!
Bc seriously, im not looking for a prize, this was supposed to be for fun
not competing

Yeah, we are not in a contest setting here. Having fun was part of the rules, haha. Congrats on the win aznnboyaZ. Hope to do another battle down the road as well.


And, Forsure!

You did fabulous this time and you’re still one of my biggest inspirations!
You Defiantly should have won this