Decided to just put all the videos together for a free for all match. You decide who you want to move on by picking the top 2 videos. Top 2 yoyoers will have a 1v1 match, again, voted by YYE. Enjoy !










Voting ends in 2 days!

Slade, that was awesome, if only you had brought the yoyo back to your hand. :-\

Slades was awesome.

Shisaki was just plain epic.

All videos rock

yeah i know. i remembered a split second after i was returing it that i couldnt do regenerations and if i did then the vid wouldnt be used so that was a good regen that went out of control. im so used to doing them and making longer combos.

im gonna lose maybe i would’ve gotten more votes if my video was longer and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang saskabilly was awesome when is the next battle this one was fun even though its not over i know im gonna lose :smiley: if it was 41 seconds it would be this one DO NOT RATE THIS ONE IS FOR THE NEXT BATTLE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_L_KJ99CSqw

You guys all did pretty good. Mad props to Saskabilly for the hubstack part

yea i agree

I think my video proves that its the tricks quality, not quantity. What I mean is, a long video doesn’t make it better.

I’ve seen video of throws 10 seconds long that blow my mind more than a 1.5 minute single throw.

I feel that too long of a trick can often hurt the quality of it. not all the time though .

I still like Shisaki’s video the best. :slight_smile: I can’t wait for round 2… I’ve got a couple new things up my sleeve. ;D

hey yoyo penguin is a lefty like me!!
good job everyone, you all did great!!

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what video editor do u use

i used Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0 by sony

Shisaki, Slade, and Saskabilly give me some thing to work toward.

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I just used whatever comes on a MAC

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That honestly means a lot to me. Thank you.

yeah that really means alot to me too. just allways practice and never stop, no matter what

I am surprised people actually voted for me considering how good the other videos were.

Starting to think wearing a white shirt was a bad idea LOL

Is there gonna be a round 2? ;D

i sent him my new vid about a week ago and he said that there would be