4 way video battle!



Slade “The Man” Riggs



Best video (Editing wise): Stripped Axle

Smoothest sh!: Aleeeexxxxxxxxx

Best competition worthy trixxxxx: YoyoJordan

Best swirly twirly combo: “The Man”

My vote goes to Alex, but this one is gonna be close.


Wow guys! I’m super impressed! Im seriously going to get crushed :open_mouth: There are some real talents on these forums!

LOL Everyone calls my style a competition style! Thank you for the kind words and I can definitely see why you chose Alex! That was INSANE

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Slade had the most diverse tricks IMO, and it was the cleanest. Alex’s was a close second with yoyojordan right behind. Strippedaxle was still awesome… the other duded are just crazy good! haha

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I’m glad I missed the deadline for this battle, because, well, you all know what place I would have gotten. (Hint: last :wink: ).

Anyways, Slade hands down had the cleanest. Alex’s tricks all tied together nicely. Yoyojordan had very nice tricks. Strippedaxle had a nice tech combo.

But, I’m huge on flow. So my vote goes to Slade Riggs. :slight_smile:

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Uuuuuuugh, that was tough to call. I have Slade edging out YoYoJordan

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Thanks you for the comments and votes everybody!

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All of these were incredible.

My favorite video by far is StrippedAxle. Awesome edit, song, and no gratuitous tricks.

I gave my vote to Slade Riggs though. He is monstrous.

I liked Alex’s. His tricks were the most creative and he had good variety. He was also very smooth.

Wow, thread exploded overnight, haha.

@StrippedAxle - Why was yours so short? I really liked the kind of tricks you had going I just wish it was longer.

@YoYoJordan - I don’t think I have ever seen you yoyo and well I definitely saw… or maybe not, yours was wicked fast. I had no idea you packed that kind of speed. Also those whips from 11 to 15ish I am definitely learning, plain wicked.

@Alex - Well you know that I like your stuff and this in no different. Awesome tricks as always, wasn’t disappointed.

Awesome videos guys overall, just need more voters. Vote everybody, vote.

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I voted for Alex because his tricks were the most unique and flowed good. Plus that slack! Yoyojordans was really good as well. I think Slade had good flow and good tricks but I’m so damn tired of seeing the same combos in his videos. That fast combo seems to be in like 90% of his videos. Just needs more creativity and he would’ve gotten my vote. Stripped axles was nice but this was a whole another level of competition.

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That is why my video I did right before this one (on the same day too) has nothing but stuff I have been recently working on deviating from my usual fast paced stuff. I beat you to that one already, haha. It is titled Connections in the videos section here on YoyoE. Also this is a battle so I went with more of a battle oriented style in my mind.

I went for yoyojordan. I liked how fast it was, but still using a lot of slacks, and using breakaway, frontstyle and sydestyle.

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Yeah, didn’t really realize how short it was until after I put it up. Wasn’t really thinking on that one. I could have fit in at least another 15 seconds, and probably more with a regen. Ah, first battle lessons. :wink:

Yoyojordan: Wow man, so impressive. Slack, tech, whips, horizontal, everything! Crazy competition winning combo.

Alex fairhurst: Smooth as guy friggin wright combined with jensen kimmit! Impressed as well.

Slade riggs: Smooth, lots of rolls and quite smooth! Pretty augie!

Stripped axle: Pretty nice stuff! Just a bit short.

I think the battle was between yoyo jordan and alex. Its really hard to vote, because its like comparing a jensen/guy wright play style with a peter pong/mickey style!

But in the end, yoyojordans was totally banger trick licious! By a small margin, i vote for yoyojordan.

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Yoyojordan. I love whips. I love watching people do them and wishing I could, too. :slight_smile:


Had to go with YoyoJordan with Alex being a close second. I liked StrippedAxles but it felt a little too short. As for SladeRiggs, I’m not really a fan of his style.

Slade inched me out by 1 vote! Congrats!