Davideyo (me)


Enjoy comment and vote!

I voted for Davideyo. The string was actually visible in his video. lol

David. That was insane. You are my new Favorite thrower. Well, up with jensen and Jake.

He’s not nearly as good as Jensen. Jensen’s the new world champion.

I know that lol. But the style, that’s what i’m saying. I love it.

Oh, if you think of it that way, I understand.

david your 5a was REALLY GOOD.

Thanks guys!

I agree with Andrew, I love the style especially the 5a

David my friend…good job.

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david, you’ll be champ one day. :slight_smile:

as for this battle, you’re also champ :smiley:

Your awesome David. :slight_smile:

You Both were amazing, but i voted for davideyo because his seemed a tad bit smoother, Great job yoyo15479 you were good, but i couldnt really see much of your first combo Sorry.

please vote for Darnell. I met him at the Ohio State yoyo contest and he killed it on my Severe.

Dude, Darnell is a beast in real life! If you could see the string better you would know, He killed it at Ohio States! His 5A is the bomb! He can battle Miggy or Tyler Severance and win, He’s awesome as a friend too.

David, hw long have you been playing

It’ll be two years in december.

how do you make a vote thing at the top?

i vote for david. his vid was good. nice tricks. plus the camera work was nice, in the other guys the camera was kinda off and akward

I choosed david becasause I could actually see the string and his tricks were really good. He should make some 5a tutorials.