YoYoExpert's first 5A Battle! Beginner Division: GMuser VS Davideyo

Hello everyone!  This is the first battle of the first YoYoExpert 5A tournament!

In this battle we have GMuser, and Davideyo.

Davideyo, using and FHZ:

http://yoyoexpert.org/video/uploads/thumbs/Rn2sdgyRVVTumNWOvY3O.jpg Watch "Yoyoexpert

GMuser, using a FH2:

I’ll add a poll, so you can vote for your favorite video.  If MadDog and I cannot agree on who we like better, we’ll ask you guys to be the judge!

I hope you enjoy, and best of luck to both contestants! :slight_smile:

I must say, Davideyo was much better than me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I say… Davideyo.

Gotsa go with Davideyo.

(Does that rhyme??)

Okay, the winner is… Davideyo!

He flowed a bit better with his tricks, and it was easier to see. His tricks were also a bit more difficult. Despite all this, I have to give credit where it’s due. GMuser’s tricks were a little more original, even though they were basic.

Well, I hope everyone had fun in this first battle, because there’s more to come! The Next battle is Abe VS Samad!

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Good battle gmuser. :wink: