5a battle! Paolo vs Davideyo

Here they are!



1 vote for davideyo. great job!

Music would have been nice, but my vote goes to Paolo.

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Paolo ;D

i vote for davidyo he was alot smother

Agreed, sorry Paolo cause i think we kinda buddies but i liked him better

Just because somebody’s a friend doesn’t mean they have to vote for their friends in a poll.

David’s video was pretty awesome, I can’t blame you guys.

You guys are both very good at 5A, but I liked David’s a little more. Good job to both of you.

My vote goes to Paolo. Both were pretty good.

Constructive Criticism:

Paolo- Pretty good but you had some moments where you were just swinging the die and nothing was really going on

David- Use some shorter string because you look pretty foolish raising your arm up that high

My vote goes to David, i really like your entrance lol

Sorry Paolo, but my vote goes to David!

Keep it up, both of you! ;D


Yeah, I totally agree on that actually (the constructive critisism directed at me)

It was a first film thing, my camera battery was running low. But I was at the perfect spot to shoot a video. So I just tried to get as many shots with the ret of the batteries I ad, and this was the best one. I could have done better.

You both did good, But i think i’ll go with Davideyo he was smoother, but Paolo you still did good for the rushing, I’ve had that happen to me too, when you don’t have any other batteries and you have to rush to make a video.

my vote goes to paolo ;D


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