Vote please


i bet team crosstrings voted for you


it suck u can barely see me rebattle and i will win cause that will show my tricks way better


We have sore loser!!! And I accidentally thanked you.


I liked your style alot better and voted for you. your tricks are pretty fluid and easy to watch. you right though, You do need better video quality. But it was still fun to watch.
as for the other video, i enjoyed watching yours too! You just need a little less hesitation between your combos. get them down so they really flow together and you will impress people! Good job both of you guys!!


dude i can barely see my tricks and he is on a team who does everything to help him out i dont care if i lose its just u cant see my tricks

(Kei) #7

Both of you are great. And yoyomasta, just redo your video if you want to. It doesn’t have to be in a battle. I’ll watch it.
From what I saw in your video here, you have a nice fluid style. And a shirt I might rob you from.
Let iron sharpen iron, both of you did a very awesome job.


I know, I was just trolling lol.




I would say the first vid won. I thought the second was more fluid, but the first was more creative. My vote is for creativity.