Video Battle!



Please let us know what you think!

Wow. That was a tough one. Both great vids. Keep it up.

A little hard to judge since they we set up so differently but I just enjoyed the second one (UncleJemaya’s) more.

Both of you guys are great.

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Thanks for the comments.

I’m sure we both appreciate it :slight_smile:

both were awesome but UncleJemaya just has the style i love, so it was a preference vote! but also loved crossstrings ;D

Arigatou gozaimasu

‘Thank You’

2 Days till Thursday.

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I liked Crosstring’s better, no offense.

Not taken! This is a friendly battle. All comments are welcome, except for the profanity of course.


unclejemaya is my choice… i like his style allot better but neither is better than the other really

Today is last day to vote