Video Battle! Please VOTE!


Comment 1 if you think the first video is better
Comment 2 if you think the second video is better
thank you :slight_smile:

Tough choice.

I’ll go with video 1.

video 2

in video 1 he had yellow string in a yellow backround?? and i didnt like the headphones he was wearing…

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…I dont really think you should vote on a video just because you didnt like his headphones. :stuck_out_tongue:
But im going with Video #1

The background bugged me too, but it was hard to see what was going on in the second one too.
I just went with what style I liked more.

Don’t even get me started on your headphones comment.

i like 2 more. wish it was a lil longer i dig your style. 1 the guy is better than 2 but I like 2’s style alot more.

I like vid 1

I have to go with video #1. Video #2 had a sweet style but I saw some mistakes. If there weren’t mistakes in the video I’d go with that as my vote. Both of you guys could use some more practice though (Not trying to be mean! The tricks could just be smoother and practiced more).

i would say #2 because of the body combos but it was too short so i say #1.

Dude. W.T.H
you are the first person to hate on dr.dre studios. and I think you could see the string just fine.

Video 2 was great except it wasnt long and i felt there werent as many tricks as in video 1. The tricks were great though but video 1 had a lot more and the tricks were great so VIDEO 1.

I’d have to go with 1.

Honestly i didn’t like the music that 2 had.

vid 2

vid 2

CLOSE but gotta go with 1 :-\

the question was- which one do you LIKE more. so i like video 2 because i think it was a better made video (video 1 has bad headphones and backround :stuck_out_tongue: ). although i do agree video 2 was shorter so it wasnt an absolutly fair contest cause video 1 had more tricks

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im a big fan of observing yoyoing as an art and i feel like video ones tricks were most understandable but still aesthetically pleasing and complex. but it is a tough decision the pros of video two was that it was smoother and more consectuive but in the end i will have to go with video number one

I have to go with video 1 but 2 was good too.