the rules are that the person with the closest tricks to thier fave yoyoer wins and the person that has all the closest stuff to thier fave yoyoer wins!!! (my fave yoyoer is jensen kimmitt his was yuuki spencer). there sig yoyo’s, there fave music,and ther tricks who wins… voting closes saturday!

1st vid is best. i could definitely recognize Jensen’s tricks.

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Good Lord please learn how to spell properly

Whats with you and speellling??? :frowning:

I wish the rules were like a one throw with your own original tricks…

Definitely second video… Real smooth!!


NO contest! 2nd video is the BEST! Soooooo smooth! Reminds me of YUUKI! Too bad it"s so short, I’d like to see more of this dude!

Oh your just saying that cause he’s your “BFF”!

Yeah, they both are amazing. He is my friend and he just blows me away! On his youtube account he has some freestlyes on there.

be quiet. >:( :slight_smile:

                    second vid ftw

CANyou vote please?

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i vote the white kid in the second video.

yoyo15479, Read your own rules! Second video is Yuuki’s style, Yuuki’s tricks, Yuuki’s favorite yo-yo, and just as smoooooooooooth as Yuuki himself. Good Lord please learn how to SPELL! The second vid is the BEST.

Hey inever saw yuuki do any of those tricks soooooo thats why i said that. and whats with you and my spelling? o and i only saw yuuki go fast and do doubles and stuff inside mounts sorry i didnt mean to get you mad gosh!

yoyo15479, not mad at all!

mental picture here. yoyo15479 on floor in fetal position, everyone else kicking him repeatedly. and for goodness sakes who cares about spelling?

??? no im watching tv and txtn in my ipod thats JAILBROKE :smiley:

Gonna have to go with the second video. Way smoother IMO, and both videos had recognizalbe tricks, the second was just better.

umm no i enjoy being able to read and understand the English language and this cannot be done properly unless the words are spelled correctly