yoyo battle yoyoandrew vs andrew yoyo

vote vote vote

Needs more votes, come on guys vote!

I sucked here. I would rather no more votes.

yea but some how u won

I’m going to be real here. I think that some people voted against yoyoandrew because of how cocky he’s been in the past. Honestly I think yoyoandrew won. I don’t see why some people vote for someone on how they feel instead of the actual yoyoing.


I have to vote for andrew yoyo. I think the tricks were similar diffulcalty but there was a few differances. The string visibility on yoyo andrews vid was very bad, and it wasn’t very smooth. I think (even if the tricks weren’t harder) andrew yoyo had a much better presantation.

bull my tricks were way more complicated then what hye was doing and i was smother

Andrew yoyo. I definetely agrre with M².

Look, no one would like to battle a cocky person. Keep opions to yourself please.

i voted for andrew yoyo because he didnt repeat himself as much as far as the sytle of tricks and no his may not have been as complicated but his where harder to do, that slack whip in the beginning impressed me.

o im the cocky one your the 1 going around telling people what to do

repeat? i didnt repeat my self once !

yoyoandrew, you’re being pretty cocky if you reply to every person who voted for andrewyoyo. I’m just not going to vete, seeing as this was from months ago.

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too much work to type
I just steal

all of this crap is a bunch off bull im not being cocky and i dont see how i would be

Guys *I happy you voted for me but then i sucked. maybe a rematch soon.

this right here is an example

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Cocky: Overly self-assertive or self-confident

You are being VERY cocky by consistently saying your tricks were better and smoother than Andrew yoyo. Andrew yoyo is the exact opposite of you, he’s being modest, not bragging about how he was better than you, and doesn’t get defensive from your direct insults to him. You werent smooth at all, your movements were very jerky and you missed the string multiple times. Stop acting like your running the place, which you clearly aren’t.


i never said my trivks wererbetter or smotther than his all of you guys just vote for the skinny kid like you have somthing aginst me

When did anyone mention anything about weight? This is about yoyoing, and you lost, fair and square. If you can’t accept that, you’re going to be very disappointed in life.

Oh, and as another quick point, you DID say your tricks were “better” and smoother" right here:

That being said, I voted for 202andrew.