First person is nyjaj23

Second person is 202andrew

I voted for Andrew because i felt his tricks were smoother.

my vote goes to nyjaj23 . i think that his tricks are more technical. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was more of a fan of nyja23’s video. Even though it was half way out of frame at times, I personally thought that his tricks were smoother and more technical. :-\

Well, andrew’s tricks were smoother at times, but he also had a lot of mess ups that kinds ruined the whole video for me. A lot of it had to do with the whips (waiting for the string to go into the gap) and the behind the back leg wrap trap part (I really think you shouldn’t have put that in the vid).

I guess it’s all about personal likings, though.

I voted for Andrew. His tricks are alot smoother than nyjaj23 and he’s just a overall better player imo.

nyjaj23 is getting better though!

Keep it up guys!

NYJAJ NYJAJ NYJAJ but andrew still did great

I voted for Andrew. His tricks did seem to be smoother and i found his video to be easier to watch really :-.

i really need to get a good video camera.

Were there any rules?

not really just over a minute and 1a

andrew were smother