video batlle! andrewyoyo vs jared!

andrewyoyo video

jareds video
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im going to have to go with Jared on this one he was just cruising thru the tricks…

Andrew you did a nice job but at times just looked like you were unsure of yourself. How long have you been throwing? I even seen a couple things in there I might use :slight_smile:

yeah, sometimes experience gives you just enough to win the judges over. It looks like yuo have both spent the same amount of time on those tricks: andrew spent more time learning more tricks while jared spent more time perfecting fewer tricks. I like how the videos weren’t crazy long. Good job, hats off to both of you guys.

i made this video for a one throw batlle

I have to go with jared on this one. His video was shorter, but he was able to smoothly squeeze in many tricks.

andrewyoyo, I really liked the variety of your tricks, but I have to agree with ibanezcollector. You seemed to stall a few times while performing. Try to smooth out those rough edges.

You both did well. Kudos to you guys.

like 5 and 1/2 months.

ive met Jared and seen him go faster than that Brett, like markmont fast (well almost) and i was really really impressed. When i watched you at club Jared i dont think you missed any tricks but i could be wrong, but you should seriously consider competing at contests.

Andrew, good tricks but you just need to make them perfect, keep working on it and challenge Jared again later :wink:


i say that jared won only because of his smoothness, i would have voted for andrewyoyo because his tricks i think were better, they just werent down in time, like what happened to augie at BAC cause they were all new tricks and he didnt learn them in time (no offense to augie cause you are my favorite 5a player of all time)

definitely jared since his tricks were smoother. hey jared wo were you battling against when you 1st made that video?

yoyoandrew thats me