Hobbygod vs 202Andrew

Video must have 1 throw, and no editing
you can have more then 1 take or combo

Thats it.

Unfortunately 202Andrew didnt follow the 1 throw/no editing rule, so im gonna let him choose which combo he wants to use in Vid Battle.

Here is 202Andrew’s video


Here is my video



I have to vote Andrew. He had a lot more tricks, more difficulty, and hobby’s yoyo was out of the cam half the time.

Even if he did choose a certain trick of his he used in his video, I would still vote for his because I could barely see what you were doing. A tip is to try to get it on frame, and just take a practice video to get exactly where you want to be.

Andrew got my vote.

LOLs i dont have a good camera and it has very small lense so its hard

LOL the camera has a HUGE area that was filmed, you were just to far to the side and you needed the camera up more.

Andrew, definitely. Hobbygod did a terrible job at filming, and Andrew’s tricks were much better IMO.

i really don’t care about the filming as long as i know what’s happening.

But the thing is, the filming was so bad, that the viewer only had a vague idea of what was happening in the first place.


Voted for Andrew.

Andrew, You know you got my vote… ;D


BTW my names Andrew too lol…No Joke ;D