Hobbygod vs Jared


VOTE here is jared’s video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmqSmjXzuyQ

My video/Hobbygod’s video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxZyhmJ5FoU

In the words of my good friend pat


(SR) #2

Jared- horrible quality, I could barely see what you were doing. Great tricks though. 6/10.
hobbygod- The lack of editing and the music made me not want to watch the video. And, you struggled to bring it up like 10 times. 2/10.

I decided on Jared.

(jared) #3

i really really really need a beter camerea


I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded some constructive criticism, but you didn’t have to tell him his tricks were horrible.

(jared) #5

that was kinda mean :-\


I have to go with Jared, though he did have bad video quality. You were good hobbygod, but you should work more on your binds, and some tricks. Both did good.

(Shisaki) #7


Jared: Nice tricks but I agree, you need a better camera. Also you did a lot on unnecesary circles that made it look like you were doing the same thing over again. I say do less cicles so your tricks look better.

Hobbygod: Work on your tricks and flow. Your tricks are nice but not a lot of diffaculty in there and your tricks didnt flow. Your front style to behind the back trapeze didnt flow at all. Also work on binds, you couldnt bring the yoyo back to your hand unless you tried at least 3 times and it happened on almost all your throws. Your quality wasnt that good either, I couldnt see what you were doing and I couldnt see your string. Get some string that contrasts with your shirt or wall.

(YoYoBlaze) #8

totally agree. the trouble with your binding threw me off hobby god and you dindn’t really have a nive flow
I like jared’s vid better cuz he had a better flow to him. oh and to shisaki i actually liked all the circular motions since it made the tricks stand out more

(JonasK) #9

I’m not even going to vote.

Jared-get a better camera
hobbygod-try to make the string visible

(Astrojax) #10

i’m sure the string on hobbygod’s would’ve shown, it’s the light that deflects it.

(Mitch Ginder) #11

Hobbygod, you need to edit, its not hard at all to just cut clips out of a video in windows movie maker that comes free on nearly every computer. No one wants to watch your bind-fails after every trick so just cut them out of the clip? And it bothered me how you faced a different direction nearly every trick

Jared, your tricks were good but try and get a better camera and add music.

Both of you could have found a better background too, like Hobbygod for instance, that is your only place to film atleast clean it up a bit.

(jared) #12

i cant add music bc i lost my youtube password


I so agree…