falling in love


haven’t made a real video in a while so here it is
comment good or bad :wink: enjoy

really nice tricks man i like it

Awesome Video! ;D


Great tricks, but:

Your filming really made me bored. It was the same angle every time. Try switching it up once in a while, and also switch the background to keep viewer attention.

In addition, try editing out your trip walking back to the camera. It seems really unprofessional that you are doing that, and shows that you put little effort into editing.

YoYo videos aren’t just about tricks, but are also about filming, editing, etc.

honest…but true

I know
only spent 30minutes on this video
I did put little effort into editing to be honest

But you say that for every video you put out. If you don’t put effort into making it, why should be put any effort into watching it?

hes just showing his tricks

it is just a video
just showing my trick like what JG said

not everyone is as perfect as you samad

Bleh. I’m with dack on this one. But I do get what Samad is saying. ;D

Whatever. I like to watch videos that are enjoyable, but you can make videos however you want.

Also, no need to get defensive, it is constructive critisism. If I told you everything that was good about you, you wouldn’t get better.


And I totally agree with Samad’s comment above. I try to make every video (that isn’t a tut) interesting. Presentation is a big part of the video, and while your tricks were cool, I was kinda bored.

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well samad doesn’t have to be a dick about it.

Since when was offering constructive criticism being a jerk? If that is, you must be a really sensitive guy. I wouldn’t dare hurt your feelings.

EDIT: Dackalink even wanted our comments even if they were bad.

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Indeed. So :stuck_out_tongue: to you dear sir.

they got a point ;D